Fossil Repositories

FilenameProject NameLast ModifiedLogin Group
activity_cosmos.fossil Activity Cosmos 253.6 days
activity_pub_federation_core.fossil ActivityPub MicroCosmos 1.71 years
alexia-telegram.fossil Alexia Telegram Bot Library for Elixir 253.6 days
andreiclinciu.fossil Andrei Clinciu Phoenix LiveView 178.6 days
asciidoctor-elixir.fossil 1.61 years
cartoful_fermecat.fossil 3.84 years
chat_cuix_bots.fossil Chat Cuix Bots 2.16 years
erp-phoenix-elixir.fossil 4.12 years
feldenkrais_treasury.fossil Feldenkrais Treasury 30.6 days
fossil-elixir-mix-scm.fossil 1.61 years
glow.fossil Glow SQLite 1.69 years
goldbag-previous.fossil Goldbag 1.77 years
goldbag.fossil Goldbag - Financial App 43.6 days
life_efficiency_academy.fossil 2.60 years
lifebeyondapocalypse-elixir.fossil Life Beyond Apocalypse 1.84 years
little_bits_of_awesomeness.fossil Little Bits of Awesomeness 3.83 years
little_bits_of_awesomeness_bots.fossil Little Bits of Awesomeness - Bots 253.3 days
mirific-minetest-mod.fossil Mirific Mod 1.75 years
mirific-minetest-server-worldmods.fossil Mirific Minetest Server Worldmods 1.75 years
Notebooks.fossil Notebooks Writing 2.01 years
notes.fossil Notes 1.69 years
potion_box_alchemist.fossil Potion Box Alchemist 1.56 years
redactarelacomanda.fossil 4.20 years
vitality.fossil Vitality 1.65 years
zamolxis-blockchain.fossil Zamolxis Blockchain Project 3.59 years