Life Beyond Apocalypse

Life Beyond Apocalypse

Life Beyond Apocalypse - Elixir - V3

Work in progress

A zombie like game made with Elixir. It uses the item game database from Cataclysm DDA. Although it may look like it, the game will tend to be different since I started with the idea of multiplayer which Cataclysm DDA doesn't support.

It's rewritten from 0 with new ideas and in no way similar to the other LBA versions.

I want to achieve the following:

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To run it you Erlang and Elixir installed. Then download all dependencies:

mix deps.get

Fossil is the official DSCM Used

Fossil is the main DSCM used, if you're viewing this on Github the newest version is always on the fossil website. If you want to make changes, post bugs, edit the wiki, request features or anything else use the link provided below.
The official repository for Life Beyond Apocalypse - Elixir can be found at

Copyright and License

Copyright Clinciu Andrei

The JSON database files are copyright by the contributors of Cataclysm DDA.

Licensed under GPL 3.0